"Empowering Businesses for a greener World"

At IRSC, Sustainability has been an integral part of our identity and mission since our founding. We recognise that responsible environmental and social practices are no longer just trends, but essential considerations for any forward-thinking organisation.

This is why we are proud to introduce our dedicated Sustainability department – a natural progression in our years of helping clients adopt more regenerative and ethical approaches. Our specialised team of experts is committed to guiding businesses as they strengthen sustainability initiatives and reporting.

Whether starting your sustainability journey or wanting to scale up current efforts, our customised guidance and advisory services are tailored to your unique needs and goals. We work collaboratively with clients to develop robust strategies, implement impactful programs, and evaluate non-financial performance over time.

We firmly believe that dedicated sustainability expertise can catalyse large-scale change by supporting new business models and cross-industry collaborations. Our mission remains to drive positive outcomes for both people and the planet.


Our team of professionals is ready to assist you with …
  • Customised Sustainability Plans
We understand that every organisation faces unique sustainability challenges. That’s why we work closely with clients to develop customised    plans tailored precisely to their industry, operations and strategic goals. Whether you need to prioritise carbon reductions, waste management or stakeholder engagement, we ensure your plan is optimised to deliver tangible impacts.
  • Eco-Industrial Park Development

Leveraging our extensive project management experience, We assist businesses and facility management with planning, designing and implementing Eco-industrial parks. Through our services, we help transform underutilised greenfield and brownfield sites into prosperous hubs of sustainable industry and community.

  • Resource Efficiency Solutions
As resource constraints intensify globally, We provide specialised expertise and tools to optimise efficiency. Our consultants identify opportunities to cut energy and water consumption, minimise material inputs and reduce overall costs. By evaluating operations through an Eco-efficiency lens, organisations gain a competitive edge while lessening their environmental footprint.