As a leading renewable energy EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company,  we offer complete turnkey projects with the latest technologies and best practices that provide efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions.​

IRSC is well known for quality execution and the highest occupational health and safety standards that guarantees smooth and efficient construction of our energy plants and make them operate without any issues for decades.

IRSC offers a complete range of EPC solutions including site selection, planning, designing,  feasibility studies, engineering, procurement, construction, project management, and operations and maintenance.

Our solar EPC projects can be connected directly to the national grid or can be hybrid with diesel/gas generators or batteries in remote areas.

IRSC gas-powered generator sets provide you with a continuous, economical, reliable,  & sustainable source of power. Utilizing green hydrogen, natural gas, biogas, or other gases, our generator sets feature cutting-edge technology that provides combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power, and cooling  (CHCP)solutions.

Through years of experience, we built successful strategies and partnerships with a diverse set of international market leaders manufacturers, vendors, consultants, and stakeholders who give IRSC an unrivaled edge for delivering projects timely, using premium components.
We offer our customers EPC projects plus Finance (EPC+F) through our network of financial institutions and access to low-cost finance and grants.
IRSC has the experience to work with different client categories including, but not limited to, Utilities, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental and Private sectors.


To date, the IRSC team has developed several renewable energy projects. Our extensive experience enables us to provide professional services for any client seeking to secure a low-cost electricity tariff through our Individual Power Producer (IPP) projects.
As an IPP to help our clients optimize their renewable energy projects, and reduce their carbon footprint, to make them more energy independent without initial investment cost.

IRSC’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) division has the capacity to monitor, inspect, optimize, and clean utility-scale projects, along with our experienced preventative and corrective maintenance team, which ensures our clients a lifetime plant performance, and minimal downtime guarantees.

Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) provide our clients with significant savings through renewable energy-powered plants with no capital costs and maximizing the accumulative savings over the PPA period. Our PPAs help our clients to be more competitive in the market, due to their low-cost electricity tariff.
IRSC’s extensive experience in various types of installations makes the company the leading builder, owner, and operator of utility, commercial, and industrial power-producing assets throughout the region.

In rural areas with no access to electricity, IRSC uses renewable energy sources as a base power generator hybrid with energy storage or diesel/gas generators to distribute and sell the electricity, through mini or microgrids according to the community needs.