Power Solutions Provided by IRSC

Integrated Renewable and Sustainable Communities (IRSC) has been meticulously selected to properly equip Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport for the groundbreaking 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27). IRSC is to transform such vital facility into a cutting-edge green one by bringing state-of-the-art sustainable solutions to Egypt for the very first time.

Chairman of IRSC – Andrew Daniel – stated: “With a vision to Change the Africa’s Energy Map, IRSC is to design, implement and power Sharm El Sheikh International Airport with sustainable solar energy; introducing SulleX – the full-fledged green mobility and logistics service provider. IRSC is proudly inaugurating a revolutionary 280 kWp Solar PV carport on an average area of 2000m2 parking sheds. Thanks to the 472 MWh produced, the environment-friendly city’s airport shall be sufficiently fed with sustainable energy”.

Dr. Susy Friedrich Managing Director at IRSC clarified: “Leveraging Egypt Vision 2030, IRSC is proudly pumping capital investments amounting to EGP 1 Billion over the upcoming 5 years to promote for unparalleled green mobility and logistics solutions, along with matchless sustainable agriculture future”.

Friedrich added “IRSC, is one of the main companies that will contribute in turning Egypt’s cities to Green Cities.

 Senior Commercial Manager, IRSC – Mohamed M. El-Haddad – highlighted: “With a track record of unceasing success, IRSC has long cemented its leadership in the renewable energy world; earning the trust of key players in the Egyptian market. Hand in hand with TAQA Arabia, we successfully installed a 6 MWp ground-mounted on-grid solar power system for Dina Farms; which competently secured self-consumption for Al-Sadat City utility. Our prosperous alliance as well yielded a prodigious revamp to Somabay PV Solar stations; encompassing a total capacity of 5 MW.” El-Haddad furtherly noted: “At IRSC, we strongly believe that Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport is just a kick-start and that further airports shall come successively, entrenching the country’s sound ecological endeavors across the African continent”.

Integrated Renewable and Sustainable Communities (IRSC) takes pride in bringing global avant-garde sustainable solutions to Egypt. Solar-powered facilities are well-known and widely spread worldwide. In this regard, the UN’s COP 27 distinguished guests arriving at Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport shall witness an unrivalled experience. From the well-structured terminals to our prodigious 280 kWp Solar PV plant, IRSC is to flawlessly represent Egypt’s sustainable present and future, offering Power for Generations.

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