Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater

how to write a 10 page paper Working principle:

resume writing services groupon Thermosiphonic systems are those ones which use flat panel solar collectors for heating waters. Their operation takes place naturally and cancels the need for pumps, controllers and other systems which increase the cost. They are compact systems and their installation is simple and fast. The tanks are manufactured in accordance with European Standards and have a high-density polyurethane and metal Dissertations outer coating, allowing them to withstand the exposure to external environments. Technical Data :

  • Manufactured in accordance with European specification EN 12976
  • Anticorrosion protection using liquid enamel in accordance with DIN4753 and magnesium anode in accordance with DIN12438-2.2
  • Special design for high performance even in areas with high water hardness and high salt creep.
  • The collector casing is made of anodized aluminum profile.
  • The absorber material is MIROTHERM blue selective coating.
  • The risers are copper and laser welded to the absorber.
  • The collector is covered by safety tempered prismatic glass of thickness 4 mm and insulated by glass wool with 30 mm thickness and 30 Kg/m² density.
  • Inner tank material is made of metal steel sheet DC 2.5 mm for the main tank (EN 10130/2006), its working pressure is 10 bar and test pressure for the main tank is 15 bar.
  • Outer tank material is made of metal steel sheet DC 1.5 mm for the jacket (EN 10130/2006), its working pressure is 3.5 bar and test pressure for the main tank is 5 bar.
  • Tank insulation is rigid polyurethane foam of 48kg/m3 (DIN 53420), self-extinguishing (DIN 4102)

Accounting Homework Help Online Chat Notes:

  • Pre-installation materials are required (hot and cold risers), insulation, electric cable with breaker, valves).
  • Price excluding civil, pipes, insulation & installation materials.
  • Price excluding installation fees.
  • Prices are EXW Cairo (IRSC warehouse)
  • Annual Yield is based on Cairo location (average 5.6 sun peak hours/day) with no shading on site.