On Grid PV systems

IRSC provides full solar energy solutions to generate electricity for commercial, residential & industrial owners.

These systems have only the energy generation source from the pv panels & an inverter connected to utility grid without batteries. It’s the most common application to reduce electricity bill by using one of these protocols: –

Feed in Tariff:

  • In this configuration the PV plant produce Electricity to be feed into the grid directly.
  • The Electricity company pays for every Kwh you produce with the below prices:
    • Residential : 0.848 EGP / Kwh.
    • Less than 200 KW: 0.901 EGP/ Kwh.
    • From 200 to 500 KW: 0.973 EGP/ Kwh

Self consumption:

  • In this configuration the produced electricity are feed directly to consumer load.
  • This configuration is more economical, if you have high loads in the morning that you can offset with the produced energy from the plant like industrial applications.

Every Kwpof PV panels produce around (1700-1900 )Kwh/year.

On Grid Configuration


On Grid PV system Components

Photovoltaic Panels:
refers to a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity
Converting DC current from PV panels to AC current to be suitable for using in local
Mounting Structure:
Normally made from Aluminum or stainless steel to mount the panels on it for the safety of the panels and to withstand the wind loads.
DC fuses:
are used for overcurrent protection for the inverter and DC cables.
Surge protection devices ( SPD ):
are used for  protection of the inverter from overvoltage caused by direct and indirect lighting strikes.
DC cables:
used in all Photovoltaicsystems for cabling of the solar modules and as a connection to the AC/DC inverter.
DC boxes & AC boxes:
plastic or metal enclosure with rated protection IP65 for DC fuses and DC
Miniature circuit breaker:
Used for over current protection on AC side.
Earthing kit:
are all the accessories required for grounding the system.
is a data acquisition system used for monitoring the performance of the PV plant.
AC cables:
used for the connection between inverter and load or the grid.