IRSC’s competitive advantage lies in integrating multiple renewable energy technologies. The scope of consultancy ranges from surveying to designing and planning with respect to the numerous details entailed.


Technical Consultancy

IRSC provides a full range of technical consultancy from selecting centralized or distributed generation systems and choosing the best options of technology from a wide technological selection to analyzing system cost effectiveness and raising technical awareness for our clients. Moreover we help you integrate several sustainable solutions to get the best efficiency & cost effectiveness.

Project Management:

IRSC manages and directs the implementation of renewable energy projects (including, but not limited to: designing, budgeting, scheduling, pre­qualifying, selecting and managing contractors/subcontractors and equipment vendors, structuring project­related contracts, maintaining close contact with the customer, coordinating with government and utility programs, overseeing project implementation, and producing customer deliverables) on time and on budget.

ROI (Return On Investment)

ROI (Return On Investment)

IRSC consultancy team aims to help you optimize your renewable energy projects to maximum Return On Investments, yet reduce your carbon footprint, and aims to make you more energy independent and get an excellent return on investment.

Integrated & Turnkey Solutions

IRSC team not only provides complete renewable energy solutions but also integrates different technologies like site energy review, financial analysis, capital sourcing, ROI through modeling, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy formulation, conceptual & detailed site system design, calculations, layouts, engineering, equipment procurement, maintenance, warranties, complete system installation and integration to provide full integrated renewable energy solutions.


Energy Efficiency & Conservation Studies

IRSC team helps you to improve your energy efficiency and conservation by reducing phantom loads and by using less energy consumption loads and appliances to get the same job done.

Operations & Maintenance Support and Services

IRSC provides full Operations & Maintenance support from scheduled maintenance and contracting, spare parts replacement to decommissioning.


Occupational Health And Safety Consultancy

IRSC OHS team provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of health, safety, and environment monitoring services to protect workers, assets and the community in the most cost­effective manner possible.


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