Renewable energy systems have proven to be reliable methods of powering telecommunication systems in places where conventional electricity is unavailable or impractical. RTU, microwave repeaters, television and radio repeater sites are commonly located on mountaintops or otherwise remote sites not easily accessed during winter and inclement weather. Solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cells provide excellent sources of clean, reliable power to keep batteries charged in these locations. Even if grid power is available at these sites, a renewable energy system can provide security as a back-up in the event of grid failure. IRSC provides full renewable energy solutions for all telecommunication operators and vendors



IRSC is committed to designing, developing and promoting eco-friendly power & propulsion solutions for ships and vessels that will reduce fossil fuel consumption, lower pollution & greenhouse gas emissions plus make good business sense as well. Our solutions include wind, solar-electric, hybrid marine power and solar-wind powered systems & solar-electric ferry & work boat designs. IRSC also can develop eco ships & green shipping concepts that use unique marine renewable energy technologies and a modern wind & solar power solution for sustainable shipping.



Understanding the industry of our clients is important to ensure successful energy solutions that match their needs. IRSC has full integrated renewable solutions for most oil and gas sectors. Whether your company needs temporarily, mobile or permanent energy and water supply solutions, IRSC will provide the suitable renewable solution for you.


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